Hands working together to achieve the impossible

What did you do in 2010? Look back & I bet you'll be surprised what you've achieved

In 2010 I officially started my own business.  It was pretty scary and I didn’t really launch it with much fanfare – I set up my website, posted content and started networking.

At the start of a new year we often look back at the year before to see what we did…..

Lots of other people thought about it, read up on it, planned their product range, talked to their friends about it, but didn’t actually do it – that doesn’t count as ‘doing’.

(The abstract image of people holding water to the left is supposed to be about achievement, but if you’ve managed to achieve this miracle of water circling, you deserve more than a slap on the back).

Here’s my year’s list (total lack of impossible water magic but still….):

  • Bought the domain name for Perfect Balance Marketing
  • Set up my business website (this one)
  • Wrote & launched ’41 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Business’
  • Attended networking lunch with Network Cornwall
  • Blogged every week (even when I had tonsillitis – I know, impressive)
  • Became a guest contributor on Oh My Handmade Goodness
  • Wrote a new 6-part online course for small businesses

(This last one hasn’t launched yet, so I’m probably cheating a bit by including it, but I’m so excited about it I can’t resist giving you a sneak peak…

Inside you’ll find:

  • the number 1 strategy to grow your business in 2011
  • how to explode your profits
  • which web traffic strategies work best
  • and much much more

You can inject your business with a new year adrenalin boost from February but I’ll tell you more before then – if you’d like to be one of the first to hear more, email me and I’ll send you the lowdown as soon as it’s ready.)

So there’s my review – what does yours look like?  Go on, be brave and post your list somewhere, then share a link to it in the comments below.

Here’s to 2011 – happy new year!