If you do only one thing this month…. start a blog

What’s the most important element of your marketing plan?

  • 1/4 page advertisement in the newspaper?
  • 20 second commercial on local radio?
  • 40 foot billboard outside the train station?
  • Or is it the content that you publish on-line, every week?

Because if you have a blog, that’s what you can do…………

Post content as often as you like, telling people about your latest special offers, your new product range, your favourite supplier of organic ingredients.

Tell your followers what you’re working on, what websites you’re loving, and when you’re about to launch a new product.

Why blog?

Adverts are one-way unication, but blogging is a two-way conversation that engages people and gets them talking, and sharing.

  • You can ask them what they want to know more about, and then give it to them
  • You can offer them free stuff that makes them love you
  • You can post lists of websites that they’ll find invaluable
  • You can review products that are relevant to them
  • You can build your reputation as an expert in what you do, so when they’re ready to purchase, who do they call?  You!

Social media has developed in recent years – first Facebook, then Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn – and yet the business blog is still crucial to improving search engine optimisation and to building relationships with your customers.


Do you want to engage with your customers?  Do you want to exceed their expectations by sharing your knowledge and helping them overcome their problems?  You can with a blog, and it’s totally free.

There are plenty of reasons to get blogging, but if you’re not quite sure how to get started, I’ll be sharing my free 5-step guide to starting a blog next week.  Join Perfect Balance Marketing now to make sure you don’t miss the post.

PS  Or if you’d rather get someone else to do it for you, see details of my 3-step SEO plan here and spend your time doing what you love, and let me do the blogging for you.

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