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'Hidden' posts are filed on a private page that only you can see (bottom left of screen above)

Have you ever noticed the ‘hidden’ menu tab, nestled under ‘wall’ on your Facebook business page?

This new label is just one of the changes made by the world’s largest social network this month.

If you click on it, you may find a few posts that you didn’t realise were there.

So I’ve done a bit of testing on other pages, and found some basic rules that seem to make a difference to whether something is ‘hidden’ or not.

Here they are:

– Repeated messages

If the same message has been posted on lots of different pages by the same user, Facebook makes the assumption that they are promoting a product or business, rather than joining a conversation.

For instance, if I posted a link on five different groups with the comment “Come and check out my new range of designer handbags”, then it’s fair to say I’m broadcasting rather than engaging.

And Facebook is all about the relationships after all, so it’s likely to get hidden.

– Free Viagra to help your duty free credit-card-debt

Emails containing spam words like those in the title above are often filtered out by your email host, but on Facebook they could potentially be plastered all over your business page.

So Facebook steps in, like a responsible parent, and blocks posts if the content includes spam words.

These words are set by default and there’s not much you can do to change them, but you can add to them….

social media how to, hidden posts on facebook

Peekaboo! Hidden Facebook posts can seem a bit of a mystery but they're hidden for a reason

Block certain words from your wall by changing the settings.  To do this, click ‘edit page’ in the top right corner of your business page.

Towards the bottom you will see a free text box where you can add any words you want blocked (called ‘moderation block list’).

(You may want to block any mention of competitors on your page!)

When a user includes any of your blacklisted keywords in a post or comment on your page, the content will be automatically marked as spam and hidden from your wall.

What other glitches do you struggle with on Facebook?  Come and share them on the Perfect Balance Marketing Facebook page and I’ll put my detective cap on to discover the answers.

Just don’t include any dodgy words, or you’ll be hidden forever!