Why aren’t more people seeing my Facebook posts?

When you post an update to your Facebook business page, do you know how many of your fans see it in their newsfeeds?

16%. That’s less than one in six.

And that’s optimistic.

Boosting the number of Facebook ‘likes’ is a common goal for many businesses using the social network as a marketing tool, but it’s also a pointless one if your posts are being seen by just a fraction of those ‘fans’.

This percentage is called Edgerank and it’s how Facebook works out which of those ‘likes’ is from someone who genuinely wants to read what you’re writing.

For instance, if I click somewhere on your business page, that tells Facebook that I like what you’re saying. This click may be:

  • liking a status update
  • sharing a photo you’ve posted or
  • commenting on one of your posts.

This should be a priority for any marketer using Facebook: increase the number of clicks.

Here are some things you can do today on your page to get more of your posts in more newsfeeds.

1. Use photos of kids and animals

facebook business page case study frugi
Organic clothing company Frugi sells to parents, and shares some stunning imagery that they can relate to

Seriously.  Yes, I know it’s clichéd.  But it works.

Take this great photo from Frugi (organic children’s clothing company) – a genuine smile from a child that any parent would relate to, and possibly share, or like, or comment on.

viral video examples 2013, breakdancing babies ad
The breakdancing babies from Evian are back – with a new viral video

Another example – have you seen the latest ad from Evian?  You must watch it – the break-dancing babies return with an even more crazy routine, and it’s set to become the most watched ad EVER with 0ver 51m YouTube views.

While Compare the Market‘s meerkat has made dozens of adverts, is available as a cuddly toy and even has his own book out.

Kids and animals sell anything anywhere, and Facebook is no exception. One insurance company introduced a content campaign called ‘Cutie Patootie Tuesday’ (I know…), where once a week customers are invited to share their cute photos on the business’s Facebook page.

Consider a new regular feature on your business page which includes photos that people will simply have to share!

2. Use humour

Facebook business page case study
Inspirational quotes and wise words in a meme just ask to be shared

If something makes us smile, we often want to pass it on and make someone else smile.

My five-year-old often comes running through to the kitchen to tell me a joke he’s just heard on Gigglebiz because it made him chuckle.

Evoking an emotion in someone builds loyalty and helps them remember you – if that emotion is humour, it’s also fun for you as the content creator!  And if you can connect it to your business, then double points.

Just make sure your humour is appropriate, doesn’t cross any lines, and doesn’t offend anyone…

3. Ask a question

Ask questions on facebook to boost engagement
Asking questions on Facebook can significantly increase engagement

What are you up to today?  Where in the world are you?  Comment below and let me know (I’m in Cornwall UK and right now I’m sitting in my living room with a laptop on my knee, and a cup of white coffee on the table next to me).

Asking questions is a great way to involve people in your page, whether you’re asking their opinion on a new product you’re developing or you’re asking them what they’re having for dinner tonight.

It’s all about encouraging them to join in.  Try it – it’s much more fun than just talking at people.

4.  Ask people to like or share

facebook business page how to
A combination of cute animals AND requesting a share can work a treat, as shown here by Cornwall’s Pirate FM

Be obvious, be clear, be directive and ask people to share your content.

Of course, they’re more likely to oblige if your content is:

  • interesting
  • funny
  • useful
  • topical
  • breaking news

5.  Pay to promote your posts

Facebook advertising is an affordable and sometimes effective means of increasing your reach, particularly with the relatively new ‘Boost post’ option.

facebook advertising how to
The option to ‘boost’ a post on Facebook increases the reach of your update considerably (at a cost)

But not just any post – be strategic when selecting what to promote – choose one of the following:

  • lead-generating content – this may include a link to a sign-up form to download a valuable ebook or other free resource, which will reward visitors for their time
  • your most popular blog post – there is no shortage of content on the web, so even the best content can get missed – draw attention to posts that have got most likes and shares in case people missed it when it was published

6.  Be topical

what to post on a facebook business page
It’s easy (and fun) to link your blog posts in with topical events, holidays and news stories

This is an easy win.

If the shops are filled with Fathers’ Day cards, TV commercials play back-to-back ads for personalised Fathers’ Day gifts, and restaurants are offering deals for dads to eat for free on Sunday, then a blog post about how your dad inspired you to go into business is going to resonate with your audience.

Plan your marketing (including your social media posts) around holidays, special occasions, big sporting events and other topical news to maximise their impact (get some marketing tips by month here).

7.  Go behind the scenes

how to increase facebook reach of posts

Have you ever watched ‘Come dine with me’?  Some of the most memorable parts of the Channel 4 cooking show are when the dinner guests get to snoop around their host’s drawers and cupboards.  Sad, but true.

On the whole, we are a nosy bunch, and any sneak peeks into the real world of running a business (late night working, messy desks, interviews with staff, long distance travelling, long to-do lists) not only show you’re human, but also help your audience relate to you.  Okay, so I wouldn’t show you the dust behind the PC on my desk (ew), but a little look at the empty training room where I’m presenting a session on using LinkedIn to generate leads might be of interest to someone.

What works for you in increasing engagement on your Facebook business page?  Let us know below.

And if you have found this post useful or interesting (or both, I hope…), please share on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or leave a comment below.

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