What women want – in business

Perfect Balance Marketing catches up with three successful business women to find out what helps them stay motivated and inspired……….

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Pauline Giles, Bosom Buddies UK

“My friends – they are my comfort, my sounding board, my support network.”

“Since the break-up of my marriage 2 years ago and having breast cancer last August they have become an integral part of my existence.  They make me laugh when I am stressed, and their unconditional support and gentle concern when I am doing too much, telling me to slow down, is humbling.”

“They are my focus group when I need to bounce ideas around and I know they’re committed to helping me in whatever form.  I couldn’t ask for any more.”

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Jessika Hepburn, Oh My Handmade Goodness

“My online and offline creative community, and my social networking tools.  My business & website (but also my evolution as a person and artist) depend on collaboration, making connections, sharing resources, discussing ideas and building friendships.”

“Working from home would be lonely for a social person like me without my network of other creatives to bounce thoughts off and share new work!”

“So it’s not just about marketing or profit – it’s about participating in & building a supportive community.”

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Liz May, Design Thoughts

“Ahhh I’ve hit a brick wall!  When I feel like that and need some inspiration here are my life-savers:

A pen and paper… When I need to be inspired again, I get off from the computer and literally get doodling.  I feel it helps me get creative again – I live by the motto:

[box]”If in doubt, doodle.”[/box]

The beach… I am lucky enough to live close to the sea, so a walk on the beach, the sound of the sea, and filling my lungs with fresh sea air gets me back on track.

Coffee… If I get a lull in my thinking process, I pop the kettle on and have a coffee (also it’s a good reason for a break away from the laptop)

My laptop… I certainly couldn’t live without this! It gives me the tools to design and finish work but it also helps me keep in touch with clients and enquirers.”


business women cornwall, lucy thornton, perfect balance marketingAnd for me?  Easy:

  • my family (hugs, stories at bed time, family meals, people who know me inside out and still love me)
  • my laptop (with its worn-away keys and monkey stickers stuck to the lid)
  • space (lets me get a bit of perspective, to step back from all the to-do lists and urgent emails, and helps me prioritise and focus)

Being a  busy working mum, and running your own business can be pretty demanding – but we all have our vices that help us grow and succeed.  Share yours in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “What women want – in business”

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  3. My motivational tools are; my husband, cups of tea, reading inspiring blog post like these, networking and sharing ideas, taking time out and trying not to be too hard on yourself 🙂

    1. All sound pretty good to me, Helen – particularly the not being too hard on yourself (and the tea!).

      It’s not easy to keep everyone happy and be brilliant at everything but we give it a good go 🙂 Now go put the kettle on and have a great weekend – Lucy x

      PS Great blog post – how are the wedding plans coming on 😉 Hehe!

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