Viral marketing at its best – a case study

T-Mobile have lived up to their reputation for engaging and entertaining mobile phone adverts with their latest video – a spoof of the Royal wedding featuring lookalikes that will have you believing the Royal family have really loosened up more than you thought possible.

The video has gone viral, being embedded (like here), shared and talked about by millions.  It’s attracted comments on YouTube from around the world, the best of which are from Americans who haven’t realised it’s a spoof:

“amazing!!! That’s unbelievable ! I imaged that the royal weddings usually were serious !! Happy forever !!!”

“waste of tax money”

“i was shocked that they could do that in the westminister abbey. no more dignity,”

“Wow alittle too laid back????? Honestly I think that is the most stupid thing i have ever seen! Are they trying to look like they are laid back? I expected more of a prince ( I would have never done that for my wedding let a loan a prince and his new “princess”.

See what you think:

I love it.

This is easily the best piece of Royal wedding-related promotion I’ve seen – much better than the tea towels, mugs, spoons, tshirts and sick bags!  But, as Jessica says in her post on Creative Pool, I hope OFCOM don’t get involved and pull the ad.  Even the royals should see the funny side of this.

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