UK Travel & Tourism Trends 2023

The tourism industry was devastated by the global pandemic. As travel resumes, we’ve been taking a look at the latest UK travel & tourism trends 2023. What do they mean for your business? And how can you meet changing expectations?

UK Travel & Tourism Trends 2023 infographic

Consumer trends

At least 80% of people book their holidays online, with a further 90% researching destinations on the web before booking.

Chatbots and use of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT are becoming the norm for many holiday accommodation providers. The latest tools can help improve guest experiences and simplify their booking journey.

86% of people make decisions on travel destinations based on user-generated content they have seen online. A simple video featuring the interior of your properties and the surrounding area takes no time to make and could attract new bookings.

Accommodation types

Hotels account for the lion’s share of bookings in terms of revenue in the UK.

By 2027, it is estimated that hotels will generate over £18bn in revenue in the UK, compared with £0.96bn for camping and £3.83bn for holiday lets.

Social media

Travel companies see social media as the most effective way to target new audiences globally. The favourite platform is Facebook, closely followed by Instagram, as these are both great at attracting guests and eyeballs.

There’s a reason you keep hearing about ‘mobile first’ – having a website that works fast on a smartphone is essential in a crowded marketplace. 79% of travellers use their phone for booking accommodation and transport.

Are you in the best position for the changing expectations of guests? Talk to us about a website and social media audit to make sure your business is ship shape.

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