Three essential parts of a social media plan

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Follow these three simple steps to bring results to your social media

To fail to plan is to plan to fail. Heard that before?  Never was it more true than with social media for business.

Social networks are so simple to set-up and use that it’s tempting to just get started with a page, with absolutely no idea what you’re trying to achieve or how you’re going to do it.

But by taking just a few minutes to put together a social media plan, you’re far more likely to enjoy success from your social marketing.  Here are some questions to get you started.

1.  Why are we doing this?

Give some thought to why you’re using Facebook – or what you hope to get from your Twitter account.  Some social media strategies  are all about showing your target audience that you know your stuff, so they involve sharing top tips, and offering advice.

While others are all about increasing web traffic, so most of the content that is posted includes a web link.  Having a clear goal will focus your online marketing to help you achieve your aims.

2.  Who are you talking to?

Are most of your customers parents?  Or are they mainly young professionals?  The more you know about who you’re trying to connect with, the easier it is to communicate with them.

Ask questions to understand their biggest problems, speak their language, share stories they can relate to, and watch the relationship between your business and your customers blossom to a profitable one.

3.  What’s happening?

As much as your business workings are central to your world, they aren’t necessarily as fascinating to your customers.  When planning what content you’re going to share via your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blog pages, consider what is happening in the wider world.

What new films are out?  What big events are being reported in the news?  What national holidays are coming up?  Any National days?

It was National Pie Week last week and pastry producer Jusrol launched a whole series of recipe cards for sweet and savoury pies.  These were given away in supermarkets, impacting on sales of the ready-to-use pastry.

What events could you link your marketing messages with?

Social networking is simply a marketing tool – it opens up a world of new customers and a wealth of opportunities – but it can be time consuming.  If you want it to work hard for your business, try these simple steps and watch the results.

How do you get success from your social media?  Share in the comments below.

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