It’s been a pretty busy month, what with the snow, writing Christmas cards, making presents for the family, and scraping the ice off the windscreen every morning (and most evenings), but there has also been quite a lot going on in the blog world of marketing.

Here’s a quick look back at the month with links to all the best posts here and elsewhere on the web……

Week 1:

Why no-one publishes your press releases offered some tips on getting free publicity for your business, including when to send, how to write, what to write and more.

So you know how to increase the likelihood of getting your story in print, so you’d most probably be able to use this next post which included a free press release template for you to download.  You’d still have to think of subjects to write about though…..

Until this one came along.  If you weren’t yet motivated to get writing, this useful article gave you 63 ways to get your business in the press.  Bookmark it and pop back every time you’re scratching your head thinking of ways to raise the profile of your business at no cost.

Week 2:

This week focused on marketing your business at holiday time.  It started with a brief look at some of the best marketing books to help you get planning.

Not all of us have the time (or inclination) to buy marketing books and take all the information in, but this post gave 5 key ingredients to include in your internet marketing strategy.  You really have excuse now not to increase your web traffic and build your sales.  So go build!

Just as we’re all starting to look forward to a long weekend at home, special family celebrations and lots of presents, this post reminded us that we don’t have to set time aside over the holidays to run our businesses.  Instead, take these simple steps today to get your business in order before you switch off your laptop for a few days and head to the pub…

Week 3:

I know what questions I wanted answers to when I started my business, but you may have different questions.  Do you want to know how to use Facebook to get more customers?  Or maybe which groups to join on LinkedIn?  Or do you think your ‘About me’ page could do with some work on your website?

Whatever aspect of marketing you want to learn about, just take 60 seconds to complete this online small business marketing survey and I’ll try and cover as many of the topics as I can in 2011.

To give us all a break from the theory of great marketing, the free snowy download included in this post will give your computer desktop a wintry look at the touch of a button.  Enjoy (and keep warm!).

Week 4:

There’s a lot of enthusiasm for making changes at this time of year – many of us have big plans for 2011 and now is a great time to start turning those plans into actions.  This motivational post will get you in the mood for kick-starting your business in the new year.  Look forward to seeing you there.

This month’s must-read posts from around the web:

About the author: Lucy Thornton’s online small business survey is closing soon, so take just 60 seconds to complete it today and make sure your questions get answered by Perfect Balance Marketing in 2011.


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