If you’ve got a small business, this press release template’s for you

Did you read Wednesday’s post on how to get your press releases published? If you did, you’ve hopefully got loads of ideas for stories that could get your business some free publicity in the local press.

Imagine opening next week’s local paper, and seeing your own article, including your company name, phone number, and a great endorsement from one of your delighted customers. It’s a great feeling and you’d be surprised how many people see it and mention it to you.

Why no-one publishes your press releases (and what to do about it)

Running a small business is a 24 hour job. It can be difficult to prioritise tasks and focus on the things on your to-do list that will bring the best results to the business.

But if you only do one new thing this month, send a press release to your local newspaper or trade journal. And make sure you do it right.

Read the full story on how to get it right….

Website makeover 2

“It’s a wrap” is a Cornish company offering personalised gift-wrapped chocolate and sweets for weddings, birthdays, christenings and other special celebrations, run by sisters Karen and Nicola. Customers can upload their own artwork to the wrappers, their own messages and even their own photographs.

Karen and Nicola would like to drive more traffic to their site, generate more sign-ups to their newsletter, and raise awareness of their wedding favours and children’s party gifts. Here are some suggestions on how to develop their website: