How to get more people to read your blog

New blogs are started every day – talking about weight loss, job hunting, crime fiction, making cushions, being a mum, running a business….. But having a blog isn’t enough in itself to see results for your business. Read the full post for details of how to get more visitors to your blog.

An unusual business model that works

Last weekend was the first proper sun of the year so we set off with a picnic to a local tourist attraction, to ride miniature trains and paddle around a boating lake.  It was great fun.

But what surprised me was how many other people were there – this place is tucked away, it’s only April so most of the tourists aren’t in Cornwall yet, it’s 4 miles from the main road, down a single track lane at the bottom of a valley.  You only know you’re there when you drive through the gates.

So how did all these other people find it?  And how can that help you get more people to your website?


Are you part of the Blogging Network yet?

Having a blog can be hugely rewarding – imagine you click ‘Publish’ and within ten minutes you have comments awaiting approval, retweets, Facebook shares, you’ve been ‘Digged’, ‘Stumbled upon’ and bookmarked on Exciting times. It takes time to build this level of engagement and reputation, but there’s a Blogging Network that you can join today that can help.