How to get more people to read your blog

New blogs are started every day – talking about weight loss, job hunting, crime fiction, making cushions, being a mum, running a business….. But having a blog isn’t enough in itself to see results for your business. Read the full post for details of how to get more visitors to your blog.

How to come up with an endless list of blog post ideas

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to find enough to write about when you have a blog.

Unfortunately I am not one of those brilliant people who has an endless flow of ideas just waiting to explode onto the screen – I work at it.

Sometimes I open up the laptop, click ‘Add new post’, and then sit there chewing my lip trying to think of something witty and fascinating to write about.

When that happens, I try one of the following – one of them normally works, and if it doesn’t, I put the kettle on – coffee also helps.


8 signs that your business could benefit from a blog

You’ve heard of them, you may have read a few, and you’ve definitely read about them. But what is a blog and should you have one?

A blog is just one part of an organisation’s marketing strategy and shouldn’t automatically be included as a gut reaction to “well, everyone else has one”.

So before you rush off to Blogger or Wordpress and get posting, here are eight signs that suggest a blog may be right for your business…

The chronicles of January

The start of January means a blank slate – a new start. The chance to step back from your business for a moment and begin the new year with renewed vigour. Are you still on track? This post takes a look back at the best marketing and social media posts on the web, and summarises articles on Perfect Balance Marketing. Enjoy the catch-up and don’t forget to subscribe to receive future posts sent straight to your inbox: