8 signs that your business could benefit from a blog

You’ve heard of them, you may have read a few, and you’ve definitely read about them. But what is a blog and should you have one?

A blog is just one part of an organisation’s marketing strategy and shouldn’t automatically be included as a gut reaction to “well, everyone else has one”.

So before you rush off to Blogger or Wordpress and get posting, here are eight signs that suggest a blog may be right for your business…

The chronicles of January

The start of January means a blank slate – a new start. The chance to step back from your business for a moment and begin the new year with renewed vigour. Are you still on track? This post takes a look back at the best marketing and social media posts on the web, and summarises articles on Perfect Balance Marketing. Enjoy the catch-up and don’t forget to subscribe to receive future posts sent straight to your inbox:

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