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Boxing Day is a day for eating cold turkey... and talking marketing

I got an email yesterday – on Boxing Day – who sends emails on Boxing Day?  

It was from a potential new client – a pretty big client if he decides to work with me, so I took time out of eating cold turkey and playing with my new phone, and focused on answering his questions.

The background:

He works in production and distribution, running a big team of staff.  His business is seasonal, with a big rush during December, and his target market is children everywhere.

He had a broad face and a little round belly,
that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.

Yup, it was Santa.  Big client huh?

Father Christmas listed a few problems that he hoped I could help with:

1.  I want to be able to talk directly to parents, wherever they are
2.  I want to know what children want for Christmas
3.  I want more traffic to my website
4.  I want people to come to me when they want to talk Christmas

And here are my answers:

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Facebook is one way to connect with customers, wherever they are

1.  I want to be able to talk directly to parents, wherever they are

Get a Facebook page.

I told Santa to:

  • set-up a business page on Facebook
  • add photos of his grotto and the reindeer
  • countdown to Christmas day in status updates
  • add updates on toy production and deliveries
  • and give parents advice on getting excited children to sleep on Christmas eve.

I suggested he give the elves responsibility for answering questions on the Wall and participating in other groups and pages where parents already chat.

If he needs more advice, I told him to check out my guide to getting more Facebook ‘likes’ without asking.

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Google alerts are free and tell you whenever anyone's talking about your product, business or competitor online

2.  I want to know what children want for Christmas in 2012

He doesn’t need to ask each and every child individually.  He should just set-up a Google alert or two.

I directed Father Christmas to a guide all about Google alerts, and recommended he set one up for ‘top toys 2012‘.

This way, he’d get an email every time anyone anywhere uses this phrase online, helping him keep on top of new toy trends and news.

3.  I want more traffic to my website

Use keywords and phrases on your website, in image titles, captions, headings and subheadings.

I told Santa to check out my eight ways to get more web traffic – it’s not about paid advertising, it’s about using the right words in the right places.

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Hashtags are a good way to build a profile on Twitter for a keyword or phrase

4.  I want people to come to me when they want to talk Christmas

Create a hashtag strategy for Twitter.

Using #hashtags allows Twitter users to categorise and follow messages around a topic or event, such as Christmas.

I suggested Santa write a list of keywords and phrases that people use when talking about the festive season, and then use them in his Tweets.

That way, it’s easy for people to follow any news around your industry.

(And I also suggested he read my 5 minute guide to Twitter, to get a better idea of what the micro-blogging site is all about).

So that was yesterday.

Giving marketing guidance to Santa Claus.

We’ll have to wait until next Christmas to see if he puts any of it into practice.

Have a great time over the next few days and see you again in 2012.  Happy Holidays!

PS  To see what Father Christmas can teach us about marketing, check out my Santa Claus Guide to Connecting with your Customers – it’s fun and useful.  Just like all the best Christmas presents.

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