If you’ve got a small business, this press release template’s for you

Hands typing a press releaseDid you read Wednesday’s post on how to get your press releases published?  If you did, you’ve hopefully got loads of ideas for stories that could get your business some free publicity in the local press.

Imagine opening next week’s local paper, and seeing your own article, including your company name, phone number, and a great endorsement from one of your delighted customers.  It’s a great feeling and you’d be surprised how many people see it and mention it to you.

Press releases are a lot more effective at improving your reputation and raising awareness of your business than paid for advertising, so are well worth investing a bit of time and effort in.

Once they’re published, your articles make great marketing materials long after the papers are in the recycling bin:

  • Cut out copies of printed articles from the press and display them on your premises
  • put them in a folder on your reception desk or shop counter
  • publish them on your website
  • send copies to clients

To get you started, I’ve created a press release template for you to download (it’s completely free), and use to promote your business in the local press.

So list some ideas and get writing…..

I’ll be giving some suggestions next week on newsworthy topics you could use in your search for free publicity – subscribe to updates to get these sent straight to your inbox.

PS  If you’d prefer someone else to do the work for you, I can write your press release and send it to the local press for you.  Click here for details of press release writing and distribution services.

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