Time for a look at June marketing themes – we’re just back from the local garden centre, with a car full of bedding plants that we don’t need. We only went to pick up some garden bags but the polka dot deck chairs, canvas parasols and brightly coloured dinner sets got me in the mood for Summer garden parties and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Before I knew it, I was heading for the plant aisle with a large shopping basket.

This month’s post gives you some pointers on the themes that you’ll see in the press in coming weeks and gives a reason to review your marketing and promotional messages. Don’t forget to keep up with May’s marketing themes

Here are some of June’s marketing themes:

Summer time – Now is the time to start talking all things Summer, as magazines and other media finalise their Summer editions.

June marketing themese Summer holidays

Highlight seasonal products on your homepage, consider holidays, packing tips, beaches, cool drinks and ice-creams as you plan your blog posts and special offers.

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Teacher gifts – it’s the end of term for schools, which means “World’s Best Teacher” cards and boxes of chocolates will be on parents’ shopping lists throughout the land.

Now is the time to show appreciation for little one’s teacher – personalised gifts, handmade presents and cards, little thank you gifts.

Fashionable fabrics – As the sun finally pokes its sleepy head out after a long hibernation, many of us will be caught out, hot and uncomfortable in our Winter boots and warm jumpers.

Summer signals the time for us to reveal white legs and last year’s tan lines, generating a buzz of shopping activity on the high streets and online.

June marketing themes light floaty fabrics

Fake tans, fitness classes, light floaty fabrics – and all in an atmosphere of optimism and happiness for the lighter evenings and warmer days.

Fathers’ Day – another of the year’s major gift-buying periods, Fathers’ Day is just around the corner (Sunday 19th June 2016).

Gifts will be bought for all types of dads:

  • gadget lovers
  • gardeners
  • business dads
  • travellers
  • sporty dads
  • DIY-ers
  • handymen
  • car enthusiasts

June marketing themes fathers' day

Personalised gifts are particularly popular so consider how your business could meet the needs of children of all ages, as they search for the perfect gift to show their dad how much they care.

You could offer a free gift for dads who holiday with you for Fathers’ Day in June.

Wimbledon championships – from 20th June to 3rd July 2016, Wimbledon will be over-run with:

  • strawberry-guzzling tennis fans
  • celebrities in giant sunglasses
  • and the world’s greatest tennis players.

June marketing themes Wimbledon Tennis

The news will be filled with grunts and shouts from Centre Court, and the supermarkets will be filled with strawberries and cream.

Here’s some tennis lingo that we’ll hear a lot of in coming weeks:

  • ball boy
  • game, set and match
  • umpire
  • the ball was in
  • backhand
  • out!
  • smash
  • you cannot be serious (it never gets old)
  • love – forty

Consider using tennis sayings in your marketing messages or offering tennis-free breaks for those who want to escape the tournament.

Exam time – for some college students term has come to an end already, but others are just going through the exam season – stimulants, relaxation, escapism – they’re desperate for all three.

June marketing themes revision and exams

Could you offer study tips, organisational tools, or practical exam essentials such as stationery.

Or maybe you want to position yourself as offering a treat for exhausted final year students – indulgent cream cakes to celebrate after an exam, detox weekend breaks for when the studying is over, film nights at home, or a day out to enjoy the sunshine away from revision notes and frantic cramming.

Wedding season – as the Summer months approach, wedding season is getting into full swing and invitations are being posted out all over the country.

The season brings plenty of opportunity to satisfy consumer demand from brides-to-be, which is at an all time high this month.

Consider pamper parties for the bridal party, stag weekends for the men, and partnerships with local crafts people to offer handmade jewellery and customised keepsakes.

Apply it to your business

If you’d like to tie in with this month’s marketing themes, rewrite your website’s homepage copy, make seasonal offers, use topical images and review your keywords to ensure phrases such as “Fathers’ Day” and “Wimbledon” are featured if relevant.

Have an event or date I’ve missed for June? Add it in the comments below.

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