July marketing ideas

We’re all going on a Summer holiday… get ready to add a pop of colour and fun to your social media and content marketing with our July marketing ideas.

July marks the start of the long break for school pupils, students and teachers across the UK.

And millions hit the roads and skies for sand, sea, swimming pools and (hopefully) sunshine.

This post looks at the themes we’ll see in July that you can use in your marketing, social media posts and promotion.

Sporting events, retail trends, the latest fashion themes and wedding season, July is a mix of colour, textures and travel.

National Picnic Month

Grab a rug, a picnic basket and your favourite people for an awesome outdoor feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

national picnic month july social media themes

As a holiday accommodation provider, you may want to think about reaching out to nearby food and drink producers to offer guests a luxury locally-sourced hamper for al fresco dining. Partnerships are a great way to reach new audiences on social media and build lasting relationships.

End of term

Exam stress is over, school’s out for Summer and it’s finally time to put those books away for a few months.

Cater to those looking to escape the monotony of everyday by inspiring guests to try new experiences, visit fascinating attractions and discover the magic of exploring.

Share example itineraries and showcase nearby sightseeing destinations. You could even hook up with tourism venues to bag discounts and exclusive special offers.


The fields of Glastonbury may be in recovery after a week of mud (or cracked earth), tents and revellers, but there are plenty more festivals and outdoor events coming up this month.

festival fun in the Summer

Highstreet stores will be promoting festival fashion (see Boohoo’s festival pages) on their front pages, with casual accessories, floaty fashion, easy-to-wear style and on-trend outfits to pair with wellies and sunhats.

How could you link with this trend? Perhaps offer a ‘festival weekend’ with live music and cheap camping offers, or simply hold a ‘festival’ evening with songs round a campfire, marshmallows all-round and spooky story-telling.

Or offer an alternative to the crowds, shared toilets and noise of festivals with a luxury break in one of your finest rooms.

Garden parties

For those who prefer five star treats to one star tents, the garden party is a pretty cool way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Hang bunting round the trees, make Jenga towers of sandwiches (with the crusts cut off), buy enough Pimms to feed a small army, and get yourself a hat (the bigger the better).

fairty lights hung in garden for al fresco dining

Hold a special event at your venue or get in touch with a nearby garden and offer guests a special weekend break with free entry to the gardens.


Thousands will be searching for activities to keep the kids happy in the car, on holiday and at home as the schools break up for the Summer, so offer some ideas on your social media accounts and blog that are fun and free.

This round-up post from Good Housekeeping is a great example of a post that thousands of mums (or “moms” as this is the US version) will bookmark this page for emergencies…

Holidays also mean fake tans, beauty treatments, sun protection, sunglasses, lip balm, hats and natural Summer hair. Could you partner with a local beauty salon to offer spray tans to guests?

Wedding season

The busiest time of year for the wedding industry is May to September – how could your product or service tie in with ceremonies, parties and honeymoons?

outdoor wedding venue tables set-up rustic

Create a dedicated landing page and content on your website that details the special bespoke packages that bring joy to couples. You can also share testimonials (with permission, obvs), photos from previous events, and behind-the-scenes images to inspire those in the midst of wedding planning.

July Marketing Ideas

… inspired by national days and events

1 -23 July – Tour de France

The annual cycling race covers over 3,400km and provides hundreds of hours of television coverage.  Benefit by introducing promotions that tie in with France, cycling and the French countryside.

3-16 July – Wimbledon

Strawberries and cream, Pimms and celeb-spotting.

4-10 National Barbecue Week

Most of us don’t need to be asked twice if we’d like a barbecue. The answer is yes. Always yes.

7 July – World Chocolate Day

Any excuse to peel back the wrapper on a bar of something tasty, or tap into that sweet tooth with a chocolate-themed menu.

fresh chocolate brownies stacked for world chocolate day

9 July – The British Formula One Grand Prix

Silverstone comes alive with the sound of screeching tyres and the smell of burning rubber… get your thinking cap on and create marketing content that taps into all things motor sport.

12 July – National Simplicity Day

This national day honours the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, born on this day in 1817 who was a famous advocate of simplicity.

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Many of us look forward to a holiday as a means of rediscovering simplicity; shoot a short vid of a peaceful evening in the garden of your holiday cottage to show off just how much of a nirvana your holiday accommodation offers.

15-20 July – Festival of Archaeology

UK’s biggest annual celebration of archaeology is an opportunity to discover more about the historic places that surround our homes and businesses.

Events, exhibitions and crafts will be hosted by organisations such as the National Trust, English Heritage, Heritage Wales and Historic Scotland. These are a big draw for tourists, as they discover stories that resonate and fascinate.

16-23 July – The Open Golf Championship

Golf fans the world over are preparing for a long week of avid television watching and Twitter following (follow @TheOpen for live updates and use #TheOpen to join the conversation).

If your target audience is likely to be watching, you can tie in your promotions by providing gadgets that help them stay seated in front of their flat screens 24/7. Ensure your social media updates are in-tune with the mood of the tournament and offer your opinion on who might take the Claret Jug this year.

If your customer is less of a golf fan, give them something to enjoy that takes them away from the TV – an inspiring blog post about nearby walks that aren’t ruined by a golf course, or places to eat which don’t have golf courses.

23 July-7 August – National Marine Week

If your holiday accommodation is near the coast, this is an own goal of an event. Get your guests excited about the natural marine environment by inspiring them to visit some hidden gems nearby.

(I’m off to write lists for our Summer holiday…. bucket, spade, magazines to read by the pool, sun cream, lip balm, hats….)

What have I missed?  If you’re gearing up for something big this month, share in the comments below.

PS Get ahead and plan next month’s content with August marketing ideas.


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