How to change your Facebook business page cover photo

The space at the top of your Facebook page offers the opportunity for you to share your latest offers, services or news. It’s a large area of advertising space that belongs to you – are you using it?

Every time you change your cover photo, a post is published to your page and shared to the timelines of your ‘fans’, so it’s not just seen by people when they visit your page but may also bring additional traffic.

When was the last time you updated your cover photo?

Most of us set it and forget it, but you can take advantage of the large spot at the top of your Facebook page in just four steps:

Update your Facebook cover photo in Canva
Click the image above to visit Canva (opens in a new window) to get started

Once you’re happy with the cover photo, you can name it and download it to your computer, ready to upload to Facebook. To download, click the ‘Download’ button in the top right corner of Canva, and choose the top option ‘Image: For web (JPG)’ Save when prompted.

How to download Facebook cover photo from Canva
Download your new cover photo as a JPG file ready to add to your Facebook business page

Now you have saved your new cover photo to your computer, you can add it to your Facebook business page:

how to change Facebook cover photo
Open Facebook and navigate to your business page – to change your cover photo, hover over your existing cover and click ‘Change cover’, as shown above

Choose a file to upload by clicking ‘Upload photo’.

Once your new cover photo is added, it’s time to add a description and a link through to your website:

How to optimise facebook business page
Click on your newly uploaded cover photo to ‘Edit’ (see screengrab above) and add a description and a link through to your website.

Once you’re happy with the text simply click ‘Done Editing’ and sit back to admire your handiwork.

It’s a good idea to update your cover photo throughout the year, featuring seasonal photos of your local area, holiday property and wildlife to show visitors what they’re missing.

What sort of information do you promote in your cover photo? I’d love some more examples to share so would be delighted if you could leave your ideas in the comments below – watch out for a collection of some of the best cover photos in a future post.

PS See Facebook’s terms on cover photo use here for the small print.

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