Get in the mood for attending a business fair

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Events are a big part of Perfect Balance Marketing’s marketing strategy.

They are a chance to ask potential customers what they want from a social media agency.  We get to test out our promotional materials. They are great for networking.  And they also give us the opportunity to learn something new from other businesses exhibiting.

Which is why we’re looking forward to next week’s Business Fair, hosted by Cornwall Chamber of Commerce with Outset Cornwall.

So to get in the mood, we’ve put together a list of things to do over the next few days – but be warned, they’re not all obviously related to business…

  1. Watch ‘A Small Act’ and be inspired to make a difference with your business
  2. Eat beans on wholemeal toast for breakfast on the day of the Business Fair to stay fuller for longer – avoid those embarrassing rumbling tummy noises mid morning….
  3. Pack your bag – the basics are business cards (duh), pen and notebook, so you can make a note of any contacts to follow-up, or any actions to take back to the office afterwards
  4. Avoid eating garlic for two days before the event – there’s no quicker way to end an enjoyable conversation than to hit them with the strong smell of last night’s curry
  5. Plan who you’ll speak to – take a look at the delegate list for the event and highlight those organisations you’d like to make contact with – this gives you a focus when you first walk in and is more likely to make your visit worthwhile
  6. Wear comfortable shoes on the day so you can concentrate on quality conversation and making good connections rather than being distracted by blisters and aching feet
  7. Do something nice for the people you meet – introduce them to a useful contact, get them a drink, follow-up your discussion with a personal email – make them feel special and they’re more likely to remember you
  8. Make sure you’ve got some cracking music to listen to on the way to the Business Fair on Wednesday – we love “Good Feeling” to get those hairs on the back of the neck going – watch it now:

If you’re planning on coming along, make sure you come and say hi – we’re on stand 47, just inside the main entrace.

We’ve got some new business cards that we’d like your feedback on, and in return we’ll try and answer all your social media questions (just don’t have garlic bread for dinner the night before).

See you there!

When: Wednesday 16 May, 10:00-16:00

Where: Lemon Quay, Truro Cornwall

Price: FREE

PS If you’re planning any events of your own, there’s a great article here from Hubspot on how to get it right: 25 little details that will make a big difference at your next event – see you next week!

2 thoughts on “Get in the mood for attending a business fair”

  1. Thank you Lucy, again for another useful article! I always look forward to receiving your hints and tips on social media. I will certainly visit your stand and look I forward to the Cornwall Business Fair on 16th May!

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