Four ways to add the WOW factor to your LinkedIn

linked in how to, social media how to, linkedin success storiesAre you on LinkedIn?  How’s it working for you? 

I’d bet my Bank Holiday Monday that it’s not working as well as it is for these people:

  • James Filbird, owner of JMF International Trade Group, gets three quarters of all his business through LinkedIn.  He finds people who fit his niche, researches them, then contacts them.
  • Irish software start-up company Goshido used LinkedIn to raise more than $230,000 in a week, after emailing 700 potential investors through LinkedIn.  200 responded.
  • Linda Chell Rooney uses LinkedIn for research – she asked her industry connections what they needed information on, then she offered it to them through a teleseminar (which had over 60 participants).
  • Jeff from Buddy Media uses LinkedIn to find new clients – he searches for companies that fit his profile, then gets connected (through an existing connection) with the right person within the organisation and sends them a proposal.
  • Stan Relihan used LinkedIn to find a celebrity guest to interview for his show – he found Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the internet.  Not bad.  He now has his own weekly podcast show, using LinkedIn to find high profile guests.

Let’s ask again – how is it working for you? 

15 million people joined LinkedIn in the last quarter and the UK is the third largest user with 9 million members.  It is an ideal network for anyone working business to business, but it’s one of the most under-utilised.

Just ‘being’ there isn’t enough.

Here are a few ways to add the wow factor to your LinkedIn:

  1. Add your voice – it’s not just a CV.  LinkedIn is a social network, so make it social and inject some personality
  2. Promote your knowledge and experience – sounds simple, but so many people add barely any details to their employment record
  3. Get a vanity URL – isn’t the sexiest web address…. change it to something personal
  4. Highlight what you’re good at – add skills and expertise so people can find you easily within your niche

We’ll find out how to do all this and more on our LinkedIn course, coming soon to Truro, Cornwall (details below).  If you’d like LinkedIn to deliver results for you and your business, you should come along.

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There are a few places left so if you’d like one of them, book today.

And if it is working perfectly for you already, can you tell me?  Not so I can give you my Bank Holiday, but so I can tell others and add your success story to those listed above.

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2 thoughts on “Four ways to add the WOW factor to your LinkedIn”

    1. Lucy Thornton

      Hi Glenn – it would depend who was asking to connect. I accept most requests provided they’re not from spammers.

      I think you’re right to be wary about what you post though – just remember that anything you publish can be seen by your boss, colleagues, friends and family! Lucy

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