Frequently asked questions

What happens after I contact you?

I talk to you, ask questions and listen, then I put together a proposal of how I can help. This is based on loads of different factors, including:

  • what you want to achieve
  • your current website
  • your social media presence
  • time and budget available
  • your skills
  • customer data, etc.

What services do you offer?

Depending on all those factors, I can work on a specific campaign, support you in implementing the plan, maintain your social networks for you, or provide comprehensive marketing support. That support may include optimising your website for local search, publishing fresh web content to optimise nationally, creating and implementing email marketing or delivering training that gives you the skills and confidence to manage the marketing for your business.

How much do you charge?

Of course this depends, but as a rough guide, social media mangement starts at £300 per month, email marketing at £350 per month, and SEO at £750 per month. Half a day’s training starts at £250 or one to one consultancy at £50 per hour. However, the bespoke nature of the marketing support offered means I’ll tailor a project to suit you and your business, so get in touch for a personal quote.

Can you guarantee success?

With the ever changing face of search engines, social media platforms and email providers, success is never guaranteed and if a ‘marketing expert’ promises it, walk away.

However, I have a proven track record with clients of all sizes, from small businesses employing two people to large organisations employing hundreds and even thousands of staff.

Questions are the root of all answers!

Ask a Question any time

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