Facebook Business pages get a new look

If you are one of the millions of business pages using Facebook to connect with customers, build loyalty, drive web traffic, research your audience and make sales, then you’ll want to read this….

The only constant is change, and never is that more true than with Facebook, which makes little changes to its design and functionality fairly frequently, but this update is quite a big one.

Here is a screengrab of the new look, with a summary of the major changes listed below:

facebook business page new look
Here is a screenshot of how new business pages will look in the near future… look out for yours changing!

Major changes:

  1. Like button overlaid on cover photo (rather than below it)
  2. Tabs located within dropdown ‘More’ menu below cover photo (no thumbnails in header)
  3. The ‘About’ link is more prominent (similar to top navigation on a website)
  4. One column newsfeed
  5. ‘About’ text located in left column (previously below square profile picture in header)
  6. Apps (or ‘tabs’) also located in left column
  7. Photos, videos and notes located in the left column (if you have videos and notes as tabs)

The new look business page is rolling out across business pages in the coming weeks so look out for it on your page and share your thoughts on Facebook.

PS You may need to amend your cover photo if you have used text in the design, as the profile photo/avatar overlaps in the new design.

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