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Say goodbye to hidden costs and hello to a package that’s right for you and your business.

How it works

Find the right service for your business with a wide range of custom digital marketing packages.

Whatever brought you here, we want to be up front about the investment, based on hours committed to your business each month, with clear digital marketing packages that are right for you.

Here’s how it works:

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How will the time be spent?

We will hop on a call with you to as an initial consultation to understand more about your business and establish a clear action plan.

Your package can then be tailored to meet your needs, whether that’s optimising your website, building a sales funnel, setting up your email marketing or growing your social media community. The hours included in your package will be committed to achieving those goals.

In addition to the specialist digital marketing activity focused on growing your business, each package includes a fortnightly or weekly call to discuss progress and review next steps.


What kind of marketing do you offer?

We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of marketing. We specialise in digital marketing, which is all the things that help your business get found online. This includes social media management, search engine optimisation, content marketing, email marketing, digital strategy and pay-per-click ads.

What is social media marketing and why do I need it?

Social media changed the world of marketing when Facebook burst onto the scenes in the early 2000s. It’s now an integral part of our lives, with billions of people logging on and checking their feeds daily. Social media marketing helps businesses grow by having a clear plan, focused activity and measurable tactics that continue to add value.

Why outsource my digital marketing?

There are several reasons why a business might choose to outsource their digital marketing:
– social media management can be time consuming. Outsourcing it can free up time within the business, allowing you to focus on other aspects
– hiring a member of staff to focus on your digital marketing can be an expensive overhead compared with outsourcing
– our experts keep up to date with the latest trends ensuring your presence is constantly optimised

How do you get the brand voice right?

We work closely with you to ensure we understand everything about your business and how you want to appear online. This is achieved through:
– a brand audit – this may involve analysing previous social media posts, marketing materials and web copy
– a discussion – this will include asking questions about your goals for using social media, your company values and your target audience
– a social media strategy tailored to you – this will include a content calendar, key themes and tactics to engage your target audience

Who creates the content that you provide?

We can create all of your videos, social media posts, website content and email newsletters inhouse, using our experienced team of experts. You may be asked to provide photos, logos, etc to feature or we can arrange to have photos taken if you’d prefer. Your requirements will be discussed in more detail in our first call.

How much involvement will we have in what you do?

It’s up to you. You can be involved at every step; this may involve overseeing content creation, email marketing and changes to your website. You may prefer that we handle everything, but we will only do this once we have discussed the strategy and tactics in detail.

How much do you charge?

Most digital marketing services prefer not to include pricing, but we believe in transparency so have included details of our services with various costing options. Wee have tried to keep it simple, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting. The fine detail will be clarified once you agree a package and are ready for us to start work. Packages start at £750 to £3400 per month.

How can we find out more?

We recommend booking a 30-minute call so we can find out all about your business, the biggest challenges and where you want improvements. After this chat, we will put together a few options for your consideration.

Digital Marketing Packages

Social Media Management

Social media management starts at just £199 per month.


£199 per month

5 Facebook posts per week

3 Instagram posts per week

Custom graphic design

Dedicated account manager

Monthly rolling plan with no contract


£299 per month

10 Facebook posts per week

5 Instagram posts per week

5 Pinterest pins per month

Custom graphic design

Dedicated account manager

Monthly rolling plan with no contract


£399 per month

10 Facebook posts per week

5 Instagram Posts per week

10 Pinterest pins per month

Community engagement

Custom graphic design

Dedicated account manager

Monthly rolling plan with no contract


We can advise on the best package for your business in your initial 30 minute consultation.

To get started, simply select a day and time that suits you.

Your appointment will be confirmed via email and I’ll give you a call at the relevant time for an informal discussion.

No need to prepare anything; I will ask a few questions about you, your business, and what you are looking to achieve in the coming months.

What will happen next?

After our conversation I will put together a summary of what we discussed and send it across with a few ways we could work together to achieve those goals.

No pressure, no obligation.

And if you’d like to find out more about the proposal, we’ll go from there.

Hope to speak soon.

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