7 reasons to add colour to your blog

When you first set up your blog, decisions about colour may not be at the top of your list.  When I designed mine, I just wanted a blank space where I could write stuff.

But once your blog is live, and you’re happy that it’s working, you’re publishing content regularly, responding to comments and optimising your posts, then it may be time to step back and consider the aesthetics.

Why should you add colour?

There are plenty of marketing reasons to bring a splash of colour to your blog, and some non-marketing ones too.  Look at Heather Bailey’s beautiful blog if you’re not quite sure that colour is the way to go.

colourful blogs
This gem from Design Disease makes good use of lime green and aquarmarine

1.  Stand out from the rest

Most beginner bloggers use free templates (available on Blogger or WordPress) and the explosion in the world of blogging means that everyone’s can end up looking the same.

Adding colour to your side bar, header and footer can give you a way to stand out.

2.  Look professional

If you’re not using your blog to grow your business, then using every colour of the rainbow on your pages can be just too tempting.

But if you are trying to build a professional online reputation in your niche, it’s a good idea to limit your colour palette to just a couple of key colours, ideally those from your logo, to build you brand.

Colourful blogs
Combining a single bright colour with white enables 'Almost famous' to build a distinctive visual identity

3.  Give your site a lift

After a few months, new bloggers may fancy a change of design.

(When I first started blogging I switched my template almost every month, confusing my readers, myself, and making it very hard to build a visual identity – don’t do the same!).

Bringing a touch of colour to your blog can add that little lift you’re after without changing the whole look and feel.

4.  Whatever business you’re in, colour works

Whether you sell organic clothing, art, flowers or jewellery, you can find a colour scheme that works.  If your business is fun and vibrant, then fluorescent colours could tie in well with your identity.

If your product is organic, then earthy greens and browns may be a natural choice.

Think about your audience before deciding on your colours, then stick to them.

5.  Reduce your bounce rate

A high bounce rate means people arrive on your website and immediately leave again, without staying to check out your well-crafted content.

Adding colour through good design can prevent that itchy mouse finger from clicking away from your pages.  Use colour to highlight popular areas of the blog which you want visitors to see.

colourful blogs
It's not easy to mix multiple bright colours effectively, but Nimbupani Designs make it work

6.  Refresh your blog at no cost

None of us has money to burn when promoting our businesses, so the addition of colour is a great way to give your blog a boost without blowing the budget.

Think of it like accessorising a room of your house by adding some colourful cushions and a rug to a living room.

7.  Instantly transform your site

It takes very little time and it’s pretty easy to inject some colour into your blog – if you had just 30 minutes, I bet you could make a visible difference to yours.

And if you’re still reading, and haven’t yet opened up your blog to adjust the colours, then thank you for your patience.

Now you have permission to go wild with your paint palette, add colour (but not too many, of course), then let me know how you get on by adding a comment below.

PS If you’re hungry for more inspiration check out Cameron Chapman’s post on beautiful blog designs.

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