October marketing themes

I’ve just spent 10 minutes convincing my four-year-old son that it’s not Halloween for another three weeks – and that Christmas is more than two months away. This lengthy discussion followed a “quick” trip (hah!) to the supermarket, which was adorned with hanging witches’ bats, novelty broomsticks and plastic eye Read more…

sea and beach at sunset

July marketing themes

Our monthly marketing themes series continues with July’s instalment – summer holidays, festivals and sporting events dominate this month, with no shortage of opportunities to capitalise with your marketing messages….

May marketing themes

As part of Perfect Balance Marketing’s series on seasonal trends, this post looks ahead to what May has in store, and gives you a few ideas to use today to start planning your seasonal promotional activities. Read the full post for inspirational ideas.

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April marketing themes

Supermarkets have been selling Easter eggs since January – they have large budgets and teams of marketers planning campaigns throughout the year that tie in with public holidays, the seasons and the buying habits of customers.

As part of a new monthly series on Perfect Balance Marketing I’ll be looking at the themes that you can tie in with your marketing to keep customers and visitors engaged with your business.

Read on for this month’s themes: Easter, Mothering Sunday and a Royal wedding.