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3 types of Facebook ad you can run right now (and which you should)

When I first started using Facebook for marketing, there was no paid advertising widely available. It was all about creating the right content that got shown to your audience for free.

The days of 20% organic reach were good times 🙂

But as the number of Facebook users grew, so did competition for space in the newsfeed, and businesses found it increasingly difficult to get their content seen by people who had ‘liked’ their page.

Suddenly Facebook advertising became far more mainstream.

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It’s not just newspapers, radio and television that show paid for ads anymore.

It’s also on social media – where there are is an audience, there’s an opportunity to make money.

But still, when Facebook advertising was first introduced I turned my nose up at it.

I figured that if I kept creating content that people found entertaining, interesting, educational and informative, I wouldn’t need to pay to get it seen, right?

Wrong. Facebook had other ideas. (more…)