Best of the online marketing web August 2016

In this month’s round-up post I’ve found the best posts around the web that offer tips and inspiration for your online marketing.

  • Get step-by-step directions to installing Google analytics on your website
  • Discover new ways to promote your blog
  • and find out what all the fuss is about with Instagram Stories.

Best of the online marketing web August 2016

How I create a blog post:

Creating regular content for your website can seem overwhelming – how do you come up with a topic? What about formatting? And then once it’s live, how do you promote it?

how I write blog posts

This post by Coach Joel gives us a peek behind the scenes are how he pulls together, publishes and markets his web content. It almost sounds too simple 😉

10 simple ways to promote your blog posts:

After slaving over a blog post for hours, creating the images, checking the links all work, formatting the text, and optimising for search engines, it’s tempting to hit publish and walk away to put the kettle on.

how to promote your blog posts

But all that hard work will be wasted if nobody knows it’s there. This practical post from blogging mum Tammy suggests ten ways you can drive traffic to your post after you’ve hit publish.

How do I set-up and install Google analytics:

How many times have I been asked the question? Google Analytics should be installed on your website – no arguments. Without it, you’re working blind. It’s like having no idea who’s staying in your hotel or how long they’re staying for.

how to install google analytics

Work through this step-by-step post by Cherie Bobbins, with screen grabs, and you’ll have the full picture of:

  • who’s visiting your website
  • where they’re coming from
  • and how they’re getting there.

How to print photos from your iPhone:

We’re all guilty of it: taking hundreds of photos of the family and the beautiful local area and then leaving the photos taking up space on the iPhone without ever looking at them again.

Best of the online marketing web August 2016

Relive happy memories and finally get those photos printed with this handy article from photographer Nanette Faye.

How to use Instagram stories in your marketing:

In case you missed it, Instagram recently announced Instagram Stories, a feature which enables users to post photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours.

instagram stories 2016

This move challenges the unique selling point of social media competitor Snapchat, whose disappearing posts helped fuel its rapid growth in 2013. What does this mean for businesses? And how can you use this new feature in your marketing? Get all the answers in this thorough post from Buffer.

What else have you been reading online this week? What burning questions do you have? Share in the comments and I’ll try and find some articles to help in next month’s round-up post.




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