A guide to Pinterest’s business accounts – Advent Calendar 2012 day 15

Since its launch in September last year (so recent?!) Pinterest has grown rapidly from a niche network to a mainstream social media tool for many businesses.

To meet the changing needs of its users, Pinterest has recently introduced ‘business accounts’ – these look the same as personal accounts, but offer a whole host of resources created specifically to help businesses succeed on its network.

Always on hand with top guides and articles, marketing company Hubspot knows that we could perhaps do with a bit of help making the most of this new functionality, so they have produced a nice little ebook.

pinterest for business, hubspot ebook pinterest

Download a copy of the comprehensive 39-page Guide to Pinterest’s New Business Accounts from Hubspot

The free guide will cover how to:

  • Set Up Your New Pinterest Business Account
  • Verify Your Website on Pinterest Itself
  • Add Pinterest Buttons & Widgets to Your Site
  • Follow the Business-Specific Terms of Service

Get your copy by clicking the image above or the link below:

Download the Hubspot free Guide to Pinterest’s New Business Accounts

PS This ebook is included as part of the Perfect Balance Marketing business advent calendar – you can access all the goodies already given away here.

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