63 ways to get your business in the press

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Does Cheryl Cole endorse your handmade soaps?  Has your wedding business changed someone’s life?  Is your latest product going to change the world?

If so, call your local press and see if they’re interested.  If not, you may be struggling to think of newsworthy angles to get some free publicity for your business.  You don’t have to photograph Kate Middleton in a nightclub (holding one of your designer handbags) to generate excitement around your new product range.

There will most likely be at least 10 press releases just waiting to be written about your business – it’s just a case of finding them.

Here’s a list to get you thinking:

Press Releases Inspired By News + Current Affairs

  1. Tie in with current news events.
  2. Adapt a national survey or report for local use.
  3. Stage an event to tie with a holiday or special occasion.
  4. Make an analysis or prediction.
  5. Publish a summary of facts.
  6. Take part in a controversy.

Press Releases About Your Marketing Efforts

  1. Attend a trade show or exhibition.
  2. Publish results of a poll or survey.
  3. Publish a report.
  4. Publish studies you’ve completed.
  5. Share seminars you’ve taken part in.
  6. Speak at engagements.
  7. Make a public appearance.
  8. Reprint speeches you’ve given.
  9. Hold a competition or contest.

Press Releases About Your Products

  1. New products or services.
  2. Changes in pricing, especially reductions.
  3. New trademarks.
  4. New publications.
  5. Hand-outs you’re making available.
  6. New uses for your products or services.
  7. Unusual products or services that you offer.

Press Releases About Your Customers

  1. New contracts that you’ve won, clients you’ve obtained, etc.
  2. Your customers’ success stories.
  3. Awards given to customers.
  4. Testimonials received from customers.

Press Releases About Your Office or Organisation

  1. Office move or expansion.
  2. Visits by a celebrity (Cheryl or Kate would be good here).
  3. An interview or meeting with a celebrity.
  4. Certification of your organization.
  5. Awards won by your organization.
  6. Memberships in associations.
  7. Company anniversaries (5th year in business, 1000th customer)
  8. Projections and forecasts.

Press Releases About Community Activities

  1. Your company’s contributions to the community.
  2. Employees volunteering time to help the community.
  3. Civic activities.
  4. Fund-raising or other events for the local community.
  5. Sponsoring local programs or events.
  6. Available internships with local schools.
  7. Scholarships.
  8. Open days and community exhibits.
  9. Organise a tour of your facilities/workshop.
  10. Honour an institution.
  11. Appear before a public body.
  12. Stage a debate.
  13. Stage a special event.
  14. Make a trip, or travel for assignments
  15. Write a letter.
  16. Release a letter you received.
  17. Inspect or report on a project.
  18. Issue a commendation.
  19. Issue a protest.

Press Releases About Your Staff

  1. Awards won by employees.
  2. New training undertaken by employees.
  3. Qualifications received by employees.
  4. New staff appointments.
  5. Retirements.
  6. Long-term employees, including anniversies.
  7. Staff promotions.
  8. Form staff committees, or announce membership of committees.

Get Help Generating Press Release Ideas

  1. Work with another publicity person.
  2. Work with the media on a joint project.

If you’d like a free appraisal of your press release idea, drop me an email giving details of the proposed article and I’ll give you some feedback at no cost.

(Or if you’d prefer someone else to do all the work, I can write it and distribute it to named press contacts for you – read details of press release services here).

Resources:  This list of press release ideas originally appeared on Press Blast.

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