50+ ways to take action – today

“Try this simple exercise today:  Test your energy meter when traveling around town and talking with people. Make note of when it gets too high or too low, or stays stagnant in the middle. It’s when the meter is off the charts that you know you are doing something right. Follow that.”  Carla Blumenthal, http://www.carlablumenthal.com

This is just one of the stories from Seth Godin’s inspiring ebook that will encourage you to take action to achieve your goals. Today. Here’s another one.

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Gretchen wanted to test out the theories of what makes us happy, so she started a blog and shared her experiences - now she's a best-selling author

Gretchen Rubin


I spent a year on my “happiness project,” when I test-drove the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.

Research shows that novelty and challenge bring happiness. People who go new places, meet new people, and try new things are happier.

However, I didn’t think this would be true in my case; mastery and familiarity (I thought) made me happy.  But for my project, I had to test this theory.

A friend offhandedly said, “Why don’t you start a blog?”

“Oh, I don’t want to do that,” I answered. “I’m not tech-y, I don’t read blogs, I like to write long, not short.”

But I needed something novel and challenging for my experiment. Without knowing exactly what to do, I sat down at the computer and started my blog.

Five years later, my blog is an enormous engine of happiness for me—and I came so close to dismissing the idea entirely. If I hadn’t sat down at my desk that particular evening, a March 27, I might never have started the endeavor that has changed my life.

The biggest obstacle to overcome was myself.

If Gretchen’s story doesn’t light your fire, there are 49 more in Seth Godin’s SXSW ebook, so one of them is bound to strike a cord.

Download the free ebook here and be inspired:


How about this one:

Owen JJ Stone


“The other day I went out to dinner with the family. I sat in the back with my daughter and her mother drove.

As we pulled out of the driveway, my three year old says, “L for Leiyah!” Her mother and I looked around looking for a sign or something that she could be pulling this from.

She said it again. We said, “OK, Leiyah.”

Drove to the restaurant and she said, “look, Mommy, we make a L!” The position we were sitting in the car did form the letter L. WOW. Two adults out-witted by a three year old.

Thinking out of the box is so important. You don’t have to be the smartest or the richest to be the best. Sometimes it just takes creativity.

Get out of your box and start looking at things in your world differently and something awesome might happen to you.”

So are you ready to stop thinking, planning?  Ready to finally take action?  Download the ebook from Seth Godin completely free today:


PS And don’t blame me if this time next year you’re in a different job, a different place, and ridiculously happy and fulfilled.  Happy Easter!

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