Facebook posts ideas

The problem

Coming up with something fresh to post to your Facebook business page every day is one of life’s modern challenges.


I’ve run a lot of Facebook pages so have learned what works and what doesn’t. But it’s still a surprise when a seemingly normal post suddenly reaches thousands.

Here’s one such post:

Why did it work?

I saw this photo in my newsfeed early in 2016 and it immediately made me smile, so I shared it to one of the tourism Facebook pages I run. Within just a few hours it had reached over 16,000 people.

This is much higher than normal. Why did this post work? Why did people like it, comment on it and share it?

I decided to record more of these posts, saving them in a Folder of Fabulous-ness to help tourism businesses create their own awesome Facebook content.

The Solution

I’ve put these Facebook posts together in a handy download that you can instantly access today.


Download 31 Facebook posts that pop

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