Worst tourism marketing advice blog post

The worst advice I’ve ever heard about tourism marketing

What not to do in marketing your tourism business

What are many tourism businesses doing that’s causing untold damage to their online marketing? How can you implement the latest in digital marketing to boost your business online?

“All of us, at certain moments of our lives, need to take advice and to receive help from other people.” Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize Winner 1912

But not all of that advice is necessarily accurate, even if it is well-meaning.

When I was at primary school, one of my friends suggested it would be really funny if I stuck a button up my nose – it was funny for about five minutes but then the trip to the hospital, the unpleasant experience of having it removed by a long hooky thing, and my mum’s worried face kind of took away the joy. Lesson learned: not all advice is good advice. (more…)

10 ways marketing can suck the life out of you

How is your marketing plan working out this year?

If you’re anything like a lot of businesses, it’s either languishing on a bookshelf gathering dust, or there is no marketing plan. Just the word ‘Marketing’ can bring some business owners out in a cold sweat – so what is it about the ‘M’ word that causes such stress and worry?

Here are a few of the most common reasons I hear from business owners every week…

1. How do I market to thee? Let me count the ways


13 amazing facts about tourism marketing

Tourism is one of the UK’s biggest industries, contributing billions to the economy and creating millions of jobs and the lengths that some companies go to to tap into this lucrative market are surprising – but the data also suggests that you don’t always need big budgets to market your tourism business effectively. (more…)