scheduling updates to Facebook by Lucy Thornton

How I schedule my Facebook posts

scheduling updates to Facebook by Lucy ThorntonSocial media is a time thief. It steals my attention away from what I should be doing (working, spending time with friends, cooking dinner, playing with my son) and leads me down countless rabbit holes to retail sites, blog posts and news articles.

But for businesses it presents an opportunity – an opportunity to reach new audiences, build loyalty with customers and convert browsers into buyers – and that’s what we’re looking at today: how I use it for business by creating and scheduling optimised strategic content that supports business growth.

I manage lots of business pages for clients – limitations on my time mean good organisation is key, so I love to plan my content and schedule it for the week so I can then move on to other tasks and return to Facebook purely to engage with the audience and respond to comments. (more…)

What the Rugby World Cup can teach you about tourism marketing

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or two, the 2015 Rugby World Cup (RWC) is in full swing, with matches taking place at venues across the UK for the six week tournament. Fans are painting their faces, sticking flags to their cars, downloading the official RWC app (what do you mean you didn’t know there was one?) and getting into the buzz of the event.

The tournament is a big deal, expecting to attract more international visitors than any previous World Cup, contributing up to £869 million in direct expenditure, and supporting over 41,000 jobs (source: Ernst & Young).

RWC takes years to organise, involving thousands of people – the reach via social networks and the web has never been greater and it presents a real opportunity for businesses, and not just the official sponsors. Here we take a look at some of the marketing lessons from the event and look at how your tourism business could capitalise on similar future events. (more…)

How to change your Facebook business page cover photo

The space at the top of your Facebook page offers the opportunity for you to share your latest offers, services or news. It’s a large area of advertising space that belongs to you – are you using it?

Every time you change your cover photo, a post is published to your page and shared to the timelines of your ‘fans’, so it’s not just seen by people when they visit your page but may also bring additional traffic.

When was the last time you updated your cover photo?


The Ultimate Facebook checklist – 25 essential elements of a successful Facebook page

Facebook business page essentialsThere are currently over 1.49 billion* monthly active users on Facebook, with each one spending around 20 minutes* on the network every day, so it’s no wonder the social media giant enjoys the attention of over 50 million* Facebook business pages. Yours is probably one of them.

But the constant changes to Facebook make it tricky to keep your page working hard for you – how can you make sure Facebook is bringing you measurable business success while also building relationships with your customers? (more…)