How to come up with an endless list of blog post ideas

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to find enough to write about when you have a blog.

Unfortunately I am not one of those brilliant people who has an endless flow of ideas just waiting to explode onto the screen – I work at it.

Sometimes I open up the laptop, click ‘Add new post’, and then sit there chewing my lip trying to think of something witty and fascinating to write about.

When that happens, I try one of the following – one of them normally works, and if it doesn’t, I put the kettle on – coffee also helps.


8 ways to bring traffic to your website

Search engine optimisation is a science, right? You have to be a computer programmer or a geek to get SEO right. Or do you? Read the full post (by clicking the post title above) for some simple things you can do today that will make a difference to your listings in the search engines.

Facebook for business – the basics

This post originally appeared on Geeky & Sassy as part of social media month – thanks Virginia for inviting me to guest-post on your awesome blog!

When I first started writing this post, it was a step by step guide on using Facebook for business –

Step one – get a Facebook page

Step two – add stuff

Step three – publicise

Step four – engage, etc.

But there are so many great step-by-step guides already published online (see links at the bottom of this post) that I decided to take a different approach – here I look at how one restaurant chain uses Facebook to build its business.