Shhhh! The top way to get more Facebook likes (without asking)

We’ve all had them – emails asking us to ‘like’ someone’s Facebook page to give them a leg-up the social media ladder.

But just like when you were at school, asking people to like you isn’t always the best way to go about making ‘friends’ (even virtual ones).

There are more effective ways to increase your ‘likes’, spread the word about your business, and build a community of potential customers.


Viral marketing at its best – a case study

This Royal wedding spoof video, watched by millions, is the latest in TMobile’s series of engaging Flash Mobs – take a look and be ready to watch Prince Harry letting his hair down, Camilla shaking her booty and Prince William making the entrance of a lifetime as he leapfrogs into West Minster Abbey over his brother. Read the full post and watch the video by clicking the title above.