This month…. I’ve been making Valentines day stuff

Some of the world’s biggest companies have multimillion pound marketing budgets – they spend them on press advertising, cinema advertising, giant billboards, radio ads…. they often tie in with what’s happening in the lives of their customers: annual celebrations such as mothers’ day, Valentines’ day, the longest day of the year, as well as seasonal themes of Spring flowers, autumnal colours, etc. Read this post for information on how you can benefit from their efforts for your small business….

The chronicles of January

The start of January means a blank slate – a new start. The chance to step back from your business for a moment and begin the new year with renewed vigour. Are you still on track? This post takes a look back at the best marketing and social media posts on the web, and summarises articles on Perfect Balance Marketing. Enjoy the catch-up and don’t forget to subscribe to receive future posts sent straight to your inbox: