The chronicles of December

It’s been a pretty busy month, what with the snow, writing Christmas cards, making presents for the family, and scraping the ice off the windscreen every morning (and most evenings), but there has also been quite a lot going on in the blog world of marketing....
Brace yourself for an amazing year

Brace yourself for an amazing year

How was 2010 for you?  Did you achieve your goals? Lots of us start the new year with lofty ambitions of giving up the day job and building our own businesses (and losing weight so we can fit into our favourite jeans again…. ahem) but by the end of the year many...

Bring a touch of Winter to your desktop….

A snowy scene to give your desktop the shivers… brrrrrr! You probably only think this photo is beautiful if you’re not snowed in at an airport in the UK… if you are snowed in, then here’s a sympathy hug