How to have a website you can be proud of

You have 3 seconds to persuade a visitor to stick around on your website.

In just a few moments, they will choose to invest their precious time with you, or become just another statistic on your Google analytics page.

So are you ready to take the plunge and make yours one of those sites that works? Read more….

November’s collection – vintage adverts

This month’s collection was tricky, as I’ve seen so many great examples of marketing communications in the last few weeks, but then the nostalgia of vintage advertisements won me over.

If you think there are a lot of rules, laws and regulations about advertising, then perhaps some of these vintage beauties will go some way to explaining why….

7 tips for getting inspired and staying motivated

We’ve all been there – too much to do, lists all over the place, an inbox with over 100 unopened emails, looming deadlines….. and yet all you can do is sit there biting your nails and reading the headlines on MSN.

Where do you start? And how do you get the inspiration to start clearing out the inbox, ticking items off the list, meeting those deadlines?

Top 20 cool brands of 2010

The results are in….

An annual survey (by the Centre for Brand Analysis Ltd.) has been published showing the top brands of 2010 based on the following criteria: