October 12, 2016
How to publish your own business book

How to publish your own business book

Ever feel like a small fish in a very very big pond? Well, that’s the current state of the online marketing world. With every business vying […]
October 9, 2016

October marketing themes

I’ve just spent 10 minutes convincing my four-year-old son that it’s not Halloween for another three weeks – and that Christmas is more than two months […]
August 8, 2016
Round-up post August 2016

Best of the online marketing web August 2016

In this month’s round-up post I’ve found the best posts around the web that offer tips and inspiration for your online marketing. Get step-by-step directions to […]
August 6, 2016
macbook glasses and coffee

How to add the Facebook pixel to WordPress website

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. Despite the growth of What’s App, Snapchat and Instagram, it remains the king of online communities with […]
August 4, 2016
pixabay homepage

My favourite place to download copyright free images

Review of Pixabay As an online marketer, I always need good photos to include in my content. Yesterday I wrote a blog for a client recommending […]
August 3, 2016
woman sending email on laptop

How to always have something to share to your Facebook page

Ever wondered why and how to follow Facebook pages as your business page? It’s one of the best ways to ensure your feed is vibrant, varied, […]
August 2, 2016
laptop and cup of coffee

7 ways Facebook advertising can grow your tourism business

Looking at your Facebook reach figures can be a bit like looking at the scales after your annual holiday… pretty depressing. Surely those numbers can’t be […]
July 22, 2016
family Summer picnic

August marketing themes

As part of Perfect Balance Marketing’s series on seasonal trends, this post looks ahead to August marketing themes including events and trends to help you plan […]
July 15, 2016
facebook social network open on laptop

3 types of Facebook ad you can run right now (and which you should)

When I first started using Facebook for marketing, there was no paid advertising widely available. It was all about creating the right content that got shown […]
July 1, 2016
facebook open on smartphone

How to beat the latest Facebook algorithm change

There’s been another nail in the coffin of the Facebook business page this week as the world’s largest social network has announced another change to the […]
June 17, 2016
filming on smartphone

Why you can’t ignore video any longer

Right now, video is huge on Facebook. Particularly live video. You know that – you’ve probably heard me say it before or you’ve read it online […]
June 3, 2016
woman working on apple macbook laptop

The ultimate guide – how to send your first email marketing campaign

No time to read the whole post? Download the step by step guide here. You welcome your guests and make sure they have an amazing stay […]
May 27, 2016
unicorn lego minifigure

7 myths about e-marketing

My inbox currently has 1,496 unopened emails to trawl through. Every time I look at my phone there is that horrible red balloon quietly mocking at […]
May 7, 2016
sea and beach at sunset

July marketing themes

Our monthly marketing themes series continues with July's instalment - summer holidays, festivals and sporting events dominate this month, with no shortage of opportunities to capitalise with your marketing messages....
May 6, 2016
How to write better blog titles

9 headline hacks to grow your tourism blog traffic

How to write better blog titles You didn’t set out to be a blog copywriter. You don’t want to be an SEO specialist or even an […]
April 21, 2016
cherry tree in June

June marketing themes

This month is all about the outdoors, weddings and exams - read the full post for June's marketing themes, to see what will be in the media in the coming months that your business marketing can tie in with.
April 15, 2016
tool box with ratchets

11 Facebook settings for pages every business needs to know

Facebook settings for pages New social networks crop up all the time, generating buzz and excitement among businesses and tech media, but Facebook remains the giant, […]
April 10, 2016

May marketing themes

As part of Perfect Balance Marketing's series on seasonal trends, this post looks ahead to what May has in store, and gives you a few ideas to use today to start planning your seasonal promotional activities. Read the full post for inspirational ideas.
April 1, 2016
Facebook April Fools Day 2016

Facebook introduces new Smellies

Facebook has announced a new type of post available to IOS users from today, 01 April 2016, which enables them to send smells to their friends […]
March 25, 2016
Facebook content ideas for a bank holiday weekend

Facebook post ideas for a Bank Holiday weekend

Facebook post ideas for a Bank Holiday weekend There are 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook and 50 million business pages – if yours is […]
March 18, 2016
South West Tourism Growth Fund conference Cornwall

South West Tourism Growth Fund Conference Cornwall

Top tourism businesses from across the South West came together at the Eden Project this month to discuss the current state of tourism marketing and possible […]
March 11, 2016
How to use Facebook live video for business

How to use Facebook Live for your tourism business

How to use Facebook Live for your tourism business If you’re a champion Spot-The-Difference player you may have noticed a new little icon has appeared on […]
March 3, 2016
Spring cherry blossom

April marketing themes

Supermarkets have been selling Easter eggs since January - they have large budgets and teams of marketers planning campaigns throughout the year that tie in with public holidays, the seasons and the buying habits of customers. As part of a new monthly series on Perfect Balance Marketing I'll be looking at the themes that you can tie in with your marketing to keep customers and visitors engaged with your business. Read on for this month's themes: Easter, Mothering Sunday and a Royal wedding.
February 26, 2016
new Facebook love button

What’s new in online marketing this week?

Google sidebar ads and Facebook reactions How do you feel about today’s headlines around the latest US Republican debate? Sad? Delighted? Angry? If yes, you’re in […]
October 25, 2010

Website makeover 2

"It's a wrap" is a Cornish company offering personalised gift-wrapped chocolate and sweets for weddings, birthdays, christenings and other special celebrations, run by sisters Karen and Nicola. Customers can upload their own artwork to the wrappers, their own messages and even their own photographs. Karen and Nicola would like to drive more traffic to their site, generate more sign-ups to their newsletter, and raise awareness of their wedding favours and children’s party gifts. Here are some suggestions on how to develop their website:
October 20, 2010

8 steps to launching a new product

With a bit of help from Wallace and Gromit.... Wallace is one of the world's greatest inventors (yes, John Logie Baird and that television thing were pretty cool, and Alexander Graham Bell did a great job with the telephone too).... But Wallace has something they didn't - he has Gromit. Gromit supports him through the tough times, helps him out with new product development and looks out for him. He helps him fine-tune his inventions and is a willing test subject (sometimes) through their development to their launch. We could all do with a Gromit in our lives, but we're not all as lucky as Wallace, so how can the rest of us move our new products forward to market?
October 18, 2010

What Strictly Come Dancing can teach us about marketing

Over 10 million people watch Strictly Come Dancing in the UK - the sequins, the celebrity injuries, the judges, the behind-the-scenes romances - we can't get enough of it. The Saturday night programme..... the Sunday night results show..... the sneak peaks backstage on the midweek evening show..... it's a full-time job keeping up with all the Strictly news. But why? What is it about Strictly that has us so captivated? And how can that help your business?
October 17, 2010

7 important questions to ask your customers

Just imagine a visitor to your website, hovering over the 'add to cart' button uncertainly. What's stopping them from clicking? So much business is done online, that you probably don't always speak in person to your customer when you do business with them. Most of the handmade products I sell on my ecommerce website are bought via Paypal and the only communication I have with the customer is on email. I ask for feedback and normally get a positive response along the lines of "Great bag - thank you." But that's pretty much it, unless I dig deeper. Here are some questions to ask your customers, if you're ready to dig a little deeper and do things better: