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“It’s a wrap” is a Cornish company offering personalised gift-wrapped chocolate and sweets for weddings, birthdays, christenings and other special celebrations, run by sisters Karen and Nicola. Customers can upload their own artwork to the wrappers, their own messages and even their own photographs.

Karen and Nicola would like to drive more traffic to their site, generate more sign-ups to their newsletter, and raise awareness of their wedding favours and children’s party gifts. Here are some suggestions on how to develop their website:

8 steps to launching a new product

With a bit of help from Wallace and Gromit….

Wallace is one of the world’s greatest inventors (yes, John Logie Baird and that television thing were pretty cool, and Alexander Graham Bell did a great job with the telephone too)….

But Wallace has something they didn’t – he has Gromit.

Gromit supports him through the tough times, helps him out with new product development and looks out for him.

He helps him fine-tune his inventions and is a willing test subject (sometimes) through their development to their launch.

We could all do with a Gromit in our lives, but we’re not all as lucky as Wallace, so how can the rest of us move our new products forward to market?

What Strictly Come Dancing can teach us about marketing

Over 10 million people watch Strictly Come Dancing in the UK – the sequins, the celebrity injuries, the judges, the behind-the-scenes romances – we can’t get enough of it.

The Saturday night programme….. the Sunday night results show….. the sneak peaks backstage on the midweek evening show….. it’s a full-time job keeping up with all the Strictly news.

But why?

What is it about Strictly that has us so captivated?

And how can that help your business?

7 important questions to ask your customers

Just imagine a visitor to your website, hovering over the ‘add to cart’ button uncertainly. What’s stopping them from clicking?

So much business is done online, that you probably don’t always speak in person to your customer when you do business with them.

Most of the handmade products I sell on my ecommerce website are bought via Paypal and the only communication I have with the customer is on email. I ask for feedback and normally get a positive response along the lines of “Great bag – thank you.”

But that’s pretty much it, unless I dig deeper.

Here are some questions to ask your customers, if you’re ready to dig a little deeper and do things better: