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Dirty desks cost businesses £3.4 billion a year.

This is according to office supplies company, Viking.  They base this shocking statistic on the number of working days lost because of illness caused by dirty desks, mucky mouses and contagious keyboards.

They have done their research, swabbing hundreds of desks throughout the land, discovering e-coli, the common cold, and worse.  Ew.

So when did you last clean your mouse?  Give your phone a swipe with an antibacterial wipe?  Or shake the crumbs out of your keyboard?

All that cleaning can be very dull – so instead of getting out the bleach and jay cloths, why not treat yourself, your office and your immune system to a new set of desk accessories.

Here are some of the latest lovelies from the world of office supplies:

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Top row, left to right: Cath Kidston storage binEmma Bridgewater pen, white desk tidy

Middle row, left to right: Wire storage box, fabric-covered noticeboard pinsForget-me-not pinboard

Bottom row, left to right: Pencil sharpener pen holderRecycled memo pads, tulip notebooks

But what about that keyboard, mouse and phone?  No problem….

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Left column from top to bottom: Bamboo keyboard, retro black telephone, mushroom desk lampKeep Calm book end

Who doesn’t seek health and happiness?  And these little pleasures tick both boxes for me, so if you want to avoid the sniffles and sneezes this Winter, splash out on a few new treats for your desk.

What does your office need to sparkle?  Tell us in the comments below.

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