10 blog posts you’ll want to write today

A great-looking blog with poor content is like a lush green apple that’s rotten on the inside.  All that perfection ruined by lack of care and attention.

Don’t let that be yours.

Getting started:

On the way to work last week, driving through the rain, crawling along listening to the radio, I started planning this blog post.

First I decided on the title – this gave me a goal (to come up with 10 titles that can be used by bloggers, whatever their niche).

It’s always a good idea to start at the beginning to get the structure clear in your mind what you’ll be writing about.  Then you just need some great content to go with that title.  (And that kept me busy until I got to work, 20 minutes late).

Writing the headline

Research suggests that posts with the words ‘why’ and ‘how’ in the title are read and shared the most, and list posts are also popular.

Here are some topics to inspire (including numbered lists, ‘why’ posts, and ‘how to’ posts).  Remember to tailor them to your specialism, whether it’s parenting, gardening, blogging, photography, sustainable living, etc.

1.  12 ways to……

  • brighten up your home this Spring
  • market your small business on a budget
  • get your first novel published

2.  Who else wants to….

  • be a perfect mum?
  • lose a stone in a month?
  • be a published author?
  • improve their website?

3.  10 steps to……

  • great photos
  • happy customers
  • more sales
  • a calm Christmas
  • a lush and colourful garden
  • an ethical office

4.  How to get……

  • your baby into a routine
  • published in a magazine
  • into your Summer jeans
  • the most out of your iPhone
  • ready for your first date

5.  Why your [insert problem] and what you can do about it

  • child’s waking too early
  • car is costing you more than it should
  • photographs are still average

6.  So you’re…..

  • changing jobs
  • going to be a bridesmaid
  • having a baby
  • starting a business
  • moving house

7.  15 little known ways to….

  • supercharge your career
  • accessorise your wardrobe
  • boost your immune system
  • drive more traffic to your site

8.  How to deal with every type of……

  • blogging emergency
  • hair emergency
  • wedding emergency

9.  10 secrets every………

  • crafter needs to know
  • new dad needs to know
  • blogger needs to know
  • dieter needs to know
  • dog owner needs to know

10.  Why you need to…..

  • try this miracle cream
  • read this blog
  • check out this new photography gadget
  • wear the right size bra

So now your shiny, dewy delicious-looking apple has delivered a crispy, juicy and tasty bite, and your eager readers have their thirst for great posts thoroughly quenched.  Well done!

What titles have been most read on your blog?  Share in the comments below.

PS  If you haven’t got one, here’s why you should have a blog and here’s a step by step guide on how to set one up.

And if you want to know more about how to write great headlines for your own blog, check out my guest post on Oh My Handmade Goodness for some more practical tips.

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