Vine launches – best ways to use it for business marketing

Vine launches – best ways to use it for business marketing

vine for business, vine for marketing, vine how to
vine for business, vine for marketing, vine how to

New social network Vine launched last week – here are some of the earliest marketing posts shared by brands online, one week in….

Twitter’s new video sharing app, Vine, was launched last week.  There aren’t many like it: simple apps, released with very little fanfare and publicity, that generate buzz.

But Vine is one such innovation.

Likened to Instagram but for video, it offers a simple way to give others an insight into your business, your life and your world through 6 second looping videos.  It’s not complicated, but does it offer potential for marketing your business?

The following short vids have been shared on Vine this morning:

  • someone taking an early flight and going through security
  • a little boy colouring in his homework
  • a coffee machine creating a delicious brew
  • a cat running around someone’s living room

None of them ground-breaking, none of them designed to promote anything.  But for business, there may be more to it.

Here are some of our favourite

NBC gives a sneak peek inside its building:

Gap tells a story with a look back at its advertising over the years:

General Electric gets back to basics with its creative process:

Tech magazine uses the new service to demonstrate its latest issue:

Chris Brogan invites his followers to join the fun by sharing a short of the contents of their desks:

And at Perfect Balance Marketing we’ve had a play with animation to create an advert:

How could you use the new app?

  • Create an ad
  • Drive engagement by inviting others to share their Vines
  • Tell the story of your business
  • Demonstrate a product
  • Show how to do something

Share your ideas in the comments below, and share your Vines on twitter, tagging them with #vine (and also tagging me @thorntonlucy so I can share them too!)

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